"Midnight status" is achieved when a product is so great that people wait up all night just to get it.

Our Work

Tunnel Traffic

Helping the Hamtpon Roads commuter with just a glance.

Swap Fire

Our first project for Wii U currently underway. Be ever mindful of your spacetime…

Mario Made

The #1 Archive for Super Mario Maker levels.


Growing Artists and Programmers through Love of Games.


Soar and Explore! Our chart topping game for Android and IOS.

Airspin Real

The sequel to the popular original, now with real physics and locations.


Augmented Reality Automobile Photography

Dev Team

Norfolk Collegiate after-school program coaching youth in the basics of app and video game development using the Unity platform.

Developer Tools

Unity Asset Store


Since 2006, Midnight Status LLC has aimed to deliver software and software solutions that attain
"midnight status."

The name "midnight status" refers to when gamers attend a midnight release for a video game. Some people get so excited for a game's release that they stay up all night just to get their hands on it. That is what we are about: the excitement and enthusiasm for great entertainment is what fuels us to create unique experiences in software.

Of course Midnight Status is about more than just games. We have experience in growing businesses for all their IT needs. Our services range from design work such as graphic design, 3D modeling and web development, to solutions such as cloud-based enterprise architectures, modeling/simulation and mobile advertising. We're also excited to be pushing the envelope in innovations such as augmented reality and virtual reality.

  • Consulting

    We've helped businesses in everything from adverting to implementing state of the art ERP systems. Whatever your IT needs may be, we can help.

  • App Development

    Need an app? We've developed over 100 apps for business and entertainment purposes.

  • Advertising

    Our popular app Tunnel Traffic reaches over 50,000 users in Hampton Roads. Do not hesitate to get on board with this quickly growing community app.

  • Web Development

    It's the 21st century. The first thing any potential customer or client is going to do is Google your business. Make sure the website they find is the best.

Client Client Client Client Client Client


Jeremy Alessi
Man in the Moon
Software entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of experience in business, marketing, and engineering for games, Bitcoin options, and everything in between.
Henry Meredith
Game Developer
Recent graduate and valedictorian of the VMI class of 2015. Experienced in Agile Methodologies, web development, and video game design.
Vince White
Commercial artist, graphic designer, and published author of “The Legend of Will Power” comic series.

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